Why YCH?

Your Custom House, Inc. (YCH) is the premiere source for professionally designed and constructed homes completed to your tastes.

Advantages Over Traditional Homes

Experience the difference when you choose YCH for your dream home.

  • Custom Kitchen and Bath — Traditional home buyers are forced to come out-of-pocket to customize to their specific tastes after closing. With our program the customization is already included in the price.
  • Warranty — Traditional homes don’t come with a warranty, or include a very limited warranty. Our homes are guaranteed for one-year by both YCH and an established contractor with a minimum 5 years’ experience.
  • No Construction Headaches — Have you ever tried to live in a home that has a bathroom or kitchen under construction? We have, and we don’t recommend it. Costs escalate, gardens get trampled, and dust gets everywhere! Not to mention there are workers in the next room from where you get changed. Save the hassle of managing construction by completing everything prior to purchase.
  • Preserve Genuine Historical Features — YCH understands the importance of maintaining original aspects of the home. Our team of specialists can restore hardwoods, doors, fireplaces, or any other component of the home built to last.

Advantages Over Custom Homes

Considering purchasing a site and designing your home from scratch? Although custom designed homes are a nice luxury to have, here are a few items to consider before making the leap:

  • Time — Most people do not have the time nor patience to go through the build process. Construction plans take several months to complete, and it takes several months or even years for the plans to be fully permitted. Then there are several months of construction added to the timeline. YCH will deliver your customized home in 90 days.
  • Costs — There are dozens of out-of-pocket, upfront costs including the architect, engineers, surveyor, contractor, permit fees, and interest on any loans. All of our costs are included in the purchase price.