Your Custom House, Inc. began when the owner, Scott Levy, continually saw newly constructed rooms being demolished and thrown away, sadly a construction norm throughout the country. Having served in some of the poorest countries in the world and seeing first-hand how cherished these materials were to others, he felt the responsibility to try to implement a less wasteful means of building. Your Custom House understands the buyers’ desire to customize finishes, and believes allowing the buyer to choose materials also diminishes the wastefulness of demolishing rooms to meet a specific taste.

Scott’s interest in real estate began as a child in New Orleans, where his grandfather owned and managed several buildings in the French Quarter. Having an interest in design, Scott obtained his undergraduate degree in civil engineering from Louisiana State University, receiving the Board of Supervisors scholarship. After consulting as an engineer for several years, Scott made the leap to development. He was part of a four-man team that acquired more than 2,300 acres throughout Texas. He later joined L&B Realty Advisors where he oversaw the construction of more than $800 million throughout the United States before forming Your Custom House, Inc.

Scott holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Houston and is a licensed Professional Engineer. He also served six years in the Air Force where he was twice awarded the Air Force Achievement Medal and received the Red Cross medal for his tour in the Middle East.